Friday, March 7, 2014

Tips & Tricks - Vac N Sew Shopping

Tips & Tricks - Vac n Sew shopping

Hello All!  I've been away on a little trip to visit New Orleans this last week, but my mind is never too far from here.  I'll share more fun pictures from my trip another day (because seriously my daughter is CUTE!) but I wanted to share another Tip & Trick with you all today.  Once again, my news may be old hat to you but perhaps it will help someone.  And as always feel free to add your own tips in the comment sections.  I know I read all the comments on everyone's trust me, your comments never go unnoticed.

Today, I wanted to share with you a perhaps uncommon place for you to find fabric at some great prices, A Vac n Sew store.  You  know, those stores that are still managing to repair vacuums AND sell $20,000 embroidery machines.  You might not know that a lot of times these stores carry at least a small selection of fabric.  It's a particularly great place to find 54" width fabric because a lot of times they carry fabric that will work well with those fancy dancy embroidery machines they are selling (often geared towards garment sewers who work with that length more often).

Because not too many know about the fabric in these stores, sometimes it hangs around there for a while.  And while not good for them, that is good for US! because then we can score some major deals.  I got the two fabrics above for $3 a yard!  Woohoo!  And there was plenty of things to choose from...especially seasonal fabrics.  And there was a gorgeous fine wail corduroy that I'm thinking I may need to send my friend back to get because I'm still thinking about it days later...I just didn't have a project for it.  But it's too pretty not to have.  Oh! I could back a quilt with it!  How yummy would that be?  54" at $4 a yard?  I can do that!

Do you know any really unusual places to find good quality fabrics other than your local quilt store?  Or have a great one near you that you can suggest?   


  1. I've run into the same thing with my local Singer Sewing Center. They have some great fabrics that are fairly hard to find.

  2. I do lots of thrift store shopping. I tend to run across long lengths of fabric. The selvedge lets me know who made it, and I frequently find 'the good stuff' that I can use for mainly charity quilts. I even found a whole bolt of Moda in an antique store one time, for a whopping $4 total. Garage sales are also a great place to find some good, quality fabrics in yardage. I've found lots of creams and whites & muslins that were purchased for weddings, then folded and put away. I gotten as much as 15 yards of matching fabrics for less than a 10th of the price, all new.

  3. Alas, Sew & Vac isn't something that ever caught on here! I have to admit to loving home dec type fabric stores for bag fabrics :o)

  4. Wow girl, Score!!!!!! Here in AK there is a quilt shop I. The back of the ace hardware store in Homer :))) somethin' for everyone in the car ;) our local see n vac shop, j&h sewing, just got a huge long arm that you can use for $25 an hour. Free tutorials, too!!!

  5. Wow - great tip! I am wishing I had some of that MOMO butterfly fabric in my stash!!! (by the way, did you see they are reintroducing Wonderland this summer - so excited about that).


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