Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birthday Dress and Birthday Nails

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Well I can't believe it but I have a 5 year old.  My baby is 5!!  If you don't know the story, I'll just briefly tell you that my daughter is our miracle.  She took us 7.5 years to get and has been giving us a run for our money ever since.  She's my girly girl (just like mama) and for her very first friend birthday party I wanted to do some special things.  That included making her a new dress and doing some special finger nails.  

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday

Given that I was still recovering from surgery (I'm almost back to normal), I was trying to be smart about sewing a new dress.  So I started with a finished shirt that I could use at the basis for the top.  But my girl knows what she wants (and what she doesn't) and she DID NOT want an opening in the front with the little button.  It was weird, I know...but I couldn't convince her otherwise.  And I've learned by this point that a small concession here was worth the whole project.  She wouldn't have worn it otherwise.  So I did some less than couture work to close up the front and add a new opening in the back of the neckline instead.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

She was pleased as punch with the solution and wanted to helped me make the rest of the I put on my best mommy face and sewed this with her.  It's not always the most enjoyable thing for ME to sew with her because she's very independent but needs my helps (a rough combo), but it sooo fun for her.  She keeps telling everyone how good she is at sewing...and that makes this mama's heart so is all worth it.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday2

We are working a lot on pinning and sewing a straight line.  The basics.  So she help me pin our little circle skirt pattern (for lots of twirling!) onto a fancy fabric and a lining.  Mama took over to cut the pattern out because I'm not ready to hand over the shears.  Then we pinned the two skirt pieces together at the center and serged them together to make them easier to work with.  And pinned the skirt to the top, gathering the sides a bit to fit the circle size as necessary.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday3

Then it was off to the sewing machine for the two of us.  I control the pedal, but I try to let her do the sewing and pull out the pins.  There is some give and take we really were sewing a large circle, so it's not quite as straight forward as a straight seam.  But she was sooo proud to be making her birthday dress.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday4

She happily skipped off after that point while mama finished up the double circle skirt hem on less than cooperative fabrics (ugh) and added a sash that is slightly gathered at the front and attached.  For our one afternoon, I'm pretty darn happy with how this dress came out.  These were fabrics I've had for a long time and I was ready to feel accomplished.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Nails

But I have to say, for Caitlyn, the dress was just a part of the ensemble.  She is already delving into other forms of beauty...and that meant some special nail polish and art.  I painted her nails a color to match her dress and then applied these stickers (aha! did you think I painted those?! heck no! not yet) VERY carefully on each nail.  I found them at Sally Beauty Supply and like them because they are flat and so she is not tempted to pick at them like a raised sticker.  We found that putting a clear top coat over these was particularly helpful to keeping them on for more than a day.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Come cute is that?! 

And if you have seem some of my collages on IG before, you know that my little gal LOVES to pose.  She's pretty darn good at it.  I sort of want to show you all every out take.  But that might a mother's love gone too far.  lol  But rest assured that every facial expression is deliberate on her part as is her posture.  She cracks me up.

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Caitlyn's 5th Birthday Dress

Oh and as I'm sure there are more of you out there interested in nail art and such, Julep nails has shared an exclusive nail tutorial for Decking the Holidays.  I've never tried their nail polish personally but I'm getting more excited to try fun nail ideas now that I have a little gal to practice on who ADORES fun nails.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Quilter's Mixology - Signed Books Now Available!


Hi Everyone!  I finally have my act together and am excited to be able to offer signed copies of my book for sale.  Just in time for Christmas!

Books are $25 shipped in the US.  Please contact me about multiple copies or International shipping.  All payments will be via paypal.  You can leave a comment here or contact me privately via my email:

Feel free to direct husbands my way too ;)  Gift wrap is available upon request!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shabby Fabrics Giveaway and a Discount Code for ALL!

*the giveaway is now closed*

Hey everyone!  Are you all as crazy busy as I am?  Boy when the holidays kick into gear, I get a bit lost for a while.  In between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my daughter's birthday.  My baby is turning 5 tomorrow!!!  I did manage to make a dress for her for her tiny adorable party and I will share all of that but I'm going through technological changes with a new laptop (yay!!  my old one is OLD) and that requires some in depth switching of platforms and moving ALL of my documents to a new laptop.  Who wants to come help?

Anyway, enough of my chatter... on to a lovely early Christmas gift for one person and an exclusive discount code for all of you to help make your holiday shopping a bit easier.  Or heck.  Just pick up something for yourself for being on the Nice list this year.  You better all be on the Nice list.  Only a bit Naughty ;)

Shabby Fabrics is offering a lovely giveaway of their popular Magic Pillowcase Kit (Which would be a great gift too!) AND a $20 gift certificate to one lucky reader.

Plus there is an exclusive discount code CUTTOPIECES10 for my readers to take an extra 10% off   of an entire order and is valid from today 12/8/2014 to 12/15/2014.  

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below! For kicks, feel free to tell me your favorite gift to give a 5 year old.  I have her birthday and christmas in the same month and relatives asking for gift ideas.  Help a mom out!
Congrats to lucky #60 Dana:DanaK ~ WaterPennyDecember 10, 2014 at 8:43 AM

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Sales

Oh it's that shopping time of year.  Everybody is having fun sales.  Here are just a few that I've run across.

From Interweave Press (ahem...that's where you can get MY book!) there is a great sale going on that offers an extra 10% off the already great 50% off store wide sale.  So get your favorite books and supplies!!  Valid 12/1-12/3 

Save 50% Plus an Extra 10% with CYBER10 at Interweave

From Accuquilt they are having their best sales on all things die cutter!

Cyber Monday Sale - Sale Ends 12/6* - Lowest Prices of the Year!
20% Off All GO! Dies & Die Bundles - Shop Now
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From The Fat Quarter Shop there is another amazing deal going on today on precuts!!

There are tons of other great deals going on out there today too, so hopefully you can cross a few things off of your Xmas list or pick up something special for yourself.  Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Sale at Fat Quarter Shop

We have 25% OFF the entire store for 2 days only!
Starting on FRIDAY, November 28th at 12:01 am CST until SATURDAY, November 29th at Midnight CST.
*Terms: Coupon code not required, product prices will show at marked down price. Offer excludes clubs, programs, pre-orders and purchase of gift certificates.

Washi Tape Christmas - Stitch|Craft Create

Washi Tape Holiday Cards

Today is my day on the Stitch|Craft Create Handmade Christmas Decorations Blog Hop.  And I'm right near the end of it...which just means that there is a whole month worth of posts that you can check out from all kinds of lovely bloggers already.

When I was asked to participate, I was able to choose from a number of books I might want to create something from.  And I knew right away when I saw the titles that I wanted to work with Washi Tape Christmas.  I, like many of us, have a bit of a love affair with washi tape.  And I'm always looking for creative ways to use it.  This book was full of fun little projects, but what really caught my eye are the cards.

I painfully made a purchase of an assortment of washi tape (she said with was exciting to have a pre-determined use for the tape rather than my random impulse purchases).  I bought some great brown craft paper stationary and an assortment of stickers and such to recreate some of the patterns in the book.


This beautiful card was one from the book that immediately caught my eye.  So simple but so effective.  And since I live with a four year old little ELSA! lol  I set out to make my own interpretation and I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. It's not an exact duplication, but most definitely in the same tone. I love the sparkles!

washi icicle cards

Prepare yourself for lots of cards...because these were fun and I was getting into it. ;)  

The next design I tackled was the Christmas Tree from Washi Tape. simple but really effective. Between the ones in the image below and the actual book cover, I was quite inspired. 

tree cards

And my version...with all kinds of Christmas Washi Tape...

washi tape christmas tree cards

And then maybe my favorite design of the cards in the book.  The presents.  Sigh.  So clever.

present cards

Washi tape AND twine?! I'm there! I just needed a little glue dot to hold that twine in place and I have the cutest cards. 

Present Washi Tape Cards

All of that cuteness was so inspiring that I had to come up with a few of my own designs or versions of things I was seeing elsewhere.  So I'm sharing those cards I made as well. 

I couldn't resist these reindeer stickers and figured I could make them work.  One quick strip of white/blue washi tape and I had a snowland for my reindeer to play.  A little hand lettering helped fill the card.

reindeer cards

A couple more ideas that you can see below.  

In the bottom left corner of the mosaic you will see a card that is completely covered with tiny bits of washi tape.  These overlapped or didn't.  I didn't let myself get too worried about it.  And the end result is super cute and looks like a quilt.  I'll be honest and say that I think I saw something like this somewhere along the way in the great world out there but I don't remember when or I can't reference back to it.  So you just get to enjoy my version. ;)

washi tape Christmas cards2

And in the top left hand corner, you will see more strips of washi tape inspired by the original strip blue design at the beginning of this post.  But this time they are red and green and there is a special strip sticker of christmas lights in there as well.  I thought afterwards that it would have been cute to make it look like half of a Christmas tree and have the lights in the middle...but this is cute too. And well...I wasn't redoing it. lol

Washi Tape Cards

I really did have so much fun making all of these cards and coming up with some new designs of my own. I'm going to give little bundles of these to a group of friends of mine who are not particularly crafty themselves (so they'll probably think I'm a genius. Ha!).  It's a great hostess gift too I think.

Oh and I was so excited to break out my new gorgeous personalized stamp from my new Canadian friend Sam.  Canadians really ARE the nicest people!!  She gave me this stamp as a gift (she owns a great stamp company out of Canada, Pretty in Ink) and she had never even met me! And this is truly the nicest stamp I've ever owned.  

Hand Stamped

There were other great ideas in the book as's one more picture of an idea that I loved but was too lazy to stage early enough for this post. ;)  Though I might seriously do this at Christmas!
Such pretty place settings.  

place setting

So much cuteness happening over at Stitch|Craft Create!  I hope you guys check it out.  I feel like I could get lost for days in the projects there.  Good for relaxing after a big Thanksgiving Day or Shopping Spree. ;)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Castoffs Quilt - Pattern Available in Quilt Now

Castoffs Quilt

Today I want to share with you the first of 3 quilts that I have out right now in different magazines.  I swear, I didn't intend to triple stack the end of the year like this...all the quilts just happened to have the same publication times even though I made them over the course of about 5 months.  Publishing is funny like that some times.

The first quilt I want to share is a scrappy drunkard's path quilt that I designed for the scrappy Issue of Quilt Now, a newer magazine out of England being run by the ever famous (perhaps notorious ?!) Katy Jones of I'm a Ginger Monkey.  Katy is a riot and I've definitely joined her fan club...but I'm a sucker for accents and everything sounds exciting when said with a British accent. ;)

I was excited to design this quilt because I was finally ready to do something with curves again.  I had gotten a little burnt out on sewing them while putting my book together.  There are A LOT of curves I made for that.  But this was a new spin...something that I didn't get to explore in the book: scrappy template pieces. 

Castoffs Quilt

I'm obviously not the first one in the world to do a design of multi colored circles.  But I really love the improv piecing that I did for the inner circle part of the quarter circles.  It gave me a chance to just dive into my scraps (I never even touched my regular stash for the colored sections of the quilt) and mix and match to my heart's content.  I only noticed afterwards how many fabrics I selected that had a curved motif with in the fabric.  ahhh...another layer to explore in design!

Castoffs Quilt

I made the outer template pieces in a scrappy but not pieced collection of low volume fabrics.  It creates depth to the pattern without drawing away from the scrappiness of the center circles.  I love this quilt and it's a very happy one for me because there are simple so many beloved scraps and fabrics that I used to make it.  Being that it is block based, you can created a quilt as small or large as you like by simply changing the number of circles or size them.  And that binding is just the perfect shade of green from an all time favorite collection, Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.

Castoffs Quilt

Believe it or not, this quilt has had quite the journey since it left my house earlier this year.  I sent it off to England with a tad bit of trepidation about its arrival, but more about the timing of its arrival than anything.  And I waited for it to arrive to Katy and be safely in her hands.  And waited and waited and waited... We were able to see that the quilt did indeed make it TO England, but it had some issues when it arrived.  Once it was in England, I could no longer tell where it went, but Katy had more info from the tracking end on her side.  She could see that eventually it WAS delivered.  But not to her.

No.  It had been sent hundreds of miles away and was forever simply marked as "Delivered" in the postal logs.  3 separate phone calls from Katy to her postal service amounted in no help and I had little hope that I would see the quilt again.  

We switched to plan B and I sent her some of the photographs that you see here in hopes that they would do for print publication.  Katy never did see the quilt in person and get to style it for a shoot there.  Thankfully my photos were acceptable and the quilt was able to be published in the issue.

Castoffs Quilt

And day about a week ago, I got a package in the mail.  My package.  Unopened and marked Return to Sender.  Katy's postal address was scratched out and it was mailed back to me.  Where were you oh little quilt?!  What story would you tell of your journey throughout the British Isles? 

I know where you are now...and you've had your moment in the sun in the magazine.  Where you will go next?  That you haven't told me yet.  I'm still waiting...

Castoffs Quilt


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